Welcome to The Tech Jones. My name is Donald. I have always had to have the latest and greatest that the Technology industry has to offer. Whether it is jaw dropping high end desktop PCs, science that makes you say "Wow", or just new and creative ways to use old junk, I've got to have it.
    I found a true career calling in the field of Information Technology. My personal budget limits my obsession to mostly living vicariously through the reviews of my favorite tech publications. However, working in a corporate IT Department, I am often the first person who gets to play with some new gadget so I can show someone else how to use it. Through working in the industry, I have discovered levels of cool gadgets I never even considered.
    As with any true connoisseur, I have opinions that I think matter. So as I discover the "creme de la creme" of the leading edge of the industry, I will share what I think about the products, what should have been, and what might come down the same path in the future.

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